Visual cues in moving scenes

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Visual cues represent a crucial role for humanity, allowing them to retrieve a representation of the environment that is suitable to perform vital control tasks such as moving within the environment, tracking and manipulating objects, and recognizing them.

In this report we will especially focus on visual cues dues to a moving observer. Visual cues in moving environments are a huge subject with many different and contradictive theories.

For a better understanding, we will describe the human visual system and those cues, which release the impression of the visual room.
To create an interaction and a better understanding for the reader of this report, most of the cue-descriptions will be represented with a small example of what effects the cues have.

We especially investigated the question on manipulation of cues used for motion perception. We have made a number of flash- and 3D movies in different scenes with both unreal and real situations. We will test such scenes on a number of persons in order to illuminate the power of motion cues by perceiving the visual world.

Keywords: Cue-manipulation, depth- and distance perception, focus of expansion (FOE), motion parallax, moving scenes.


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